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Privacy Policy

Before going to begin the use of the Vootfly Website you need to read the Privacy Policy of our company. The primary focus for describing the privacy policy on this page is providing the information to the users on how w collect, use, process and shares their personal information. The key phrases on the website “We, US and our” are mainly represented by the Vootfly. The Website is operated by Vootfly.

What does Policy explain?

The Privacy Policy of Vootfly explains how we collect your data and use your information across all of our websites, mobile devices, and other services.

Know What Information We Collect From You?

By using Vootfly Website (Visiting Our Services Page or Booking Pages) we collect some information directly from your side. When you make any booking then we also collect the data of the user.

1. Information of Device:

You are browsing on Mobile or Computer this information is also collected by us automatically. We can detect your device information when you are browsing on our website. From which device you are browsing on our website has come in information which we collected from your side.

2. Contact Information:

When you are on the portal of Vootfly then you may also enter your details of contact like Address, Phone Number, and Email Address of Address for placing your online booking. This information is also collected and saved by us for future reference.

3. Personal Details:

Vootfly Users also enter their name and details while making a booking online or inquiry for any queries. Therefore, with this process, we collect your personal details like your name, age, date of birth, gender and place.

4. You’re Booking Details:

To confirm your booking with Vootfly for the flight tickets you enter the name, flyer details, passport number, country of citizenship, redress control number, booking reference number, and itinerary. With this information, we collect your complete journey destination like check-in, data and time of arrival or check-out dates and time, meal preference, luggage information, layover information, the port of destination, the port of arrival and the name of airline or carrier.

5. Login Credential:

Your Login Credential Information like email address, password, and account setting on Vootfly is also the part of information collection.

6. Social Media Platforms Information:

When you link your Vootfly Account with your social media accounts then we also collect the information directly from your social media accounts like your name, age, gender, place, photos, and other personal information also which is available on your social media account.

7. Billing Data:

We also collect the billing information of the users like debit, credit card, net banking e-wallet information, and billing address also.

8. Your Contact Information:

If you share your reservation details with any contact through Vootfly then we also collect the information of your contacts.

9. User Preference Details:

We also collect the data of the user’s preference while browsing on our website or making booking online like your home airport, meal preference, seating preference, communication preference or other data related to your preference which you provided us.

10. Your Review Submission Data:

If you submit any review for Vootfly or give information in the review then we also collect the review submission data of the user.

11. Publish Content:

When any user publishes the review or gives recommend any travel information or data on our website then we also collect this publish content.

12. Your Photos:

While giving reviews to Vootfly, we also collect your account details through which you had to give the review like your photo, name and email address.

13. Messages and Communication Data

If you submit any complaints, questions, conversation or queries on our website or chat with our support team then we save and collect your each and every message for future reference.

14. Promotion Information:

If you participate in a contest, sweepstakes or any campaign organized by Vootfly then we also collect the information provided by you related to the task like your captions, images, photos, and other content also.

15. Information from Third Party

When you add your information via the access of the third party platform then we also collect this information from the other platform provided by you.

Why We Collect Your Information and How We Use It?

The information of the user data is only collected on the consent of the user. We never collect the data of the user without the consent of the users. Therefore, in our policy

Ensuring the safety of the users we never share the data of the users with any other third party of the portal. This is the big point in our privacy policy because we respect the privacy and safety of the customers and never sell the data of the clients to any other third party or person.

How We Share Your Information With Third Party?

We share your information with travel partners, advertiser or business partners.

What is the Main Concern to Collect Users Data?

The main concern to collect users’ data is improving the experience of the visitors on our website or providing the best offers according to their requirements.

How We Use Your Information?

  • Vootfly Collects Your Personal Information for the following purposes.
  • Solving the Users Queries and Responding Requests Purpose
  • Contacting You for Customer Service in Required Circumstances
  • Examining Interest of Customers and Improve the Products, Services, and Experience of Website
  • We Want to Customized User’s Experience of Website According to their Experience
  • Managing the Administrative and Business Operations of Vootfly


Our services are not for children or kids under the age of 16.

Linking With other Website:

Vootfly has not any control of other websites linked with the Vootfly Services Pages. These are the links of our travel partner of group companies.

Review of Privacy Policy:

The review, changes, and updates in the privacy policy of Vootfly are also possible due to the law, changes in services or any other reason. Therefore, it is important for the user of this website that must take a glance at the privacy policy all the time when he or she is browsing on the website. There is no intimation or notification send from our side to the customers for changing of reviewing the privacy policy.

How to Contact Us?

For any other required information, advice, suggestions or issues related to the Vootfly Website, Services or Platforms please contact us. You can also write to us for your queries or issues related to our privacy policy.

We share the personal information of users on our website with our travel partners. They are providing services directly to the customers and that’s they also required your personal information to proceed with your booking. Travel partners also use the data of the clients for marketing and advertising purpose.

The second party with which we share the information of the clients is our group company or corporate partners. We share the information of the clients with other third parties and business partners also for the marketing purpose.