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Travelling is an outstanding way of amassing some cherished memories for lifetime with your own self and your loved ones. Travelling to never-been-before destinations exposes you to know each other in a better way and admire the natural beauty while you soak up on a vacation. Whether you’re a newly married couple or a group of best buddies, there is no twoways to spend some moments together than planning a getaway to your favorite destination.

We so know how it feels when your friends or colleagues share their luxury and amazing travel experiences and understand it well that you want to experience that too. Therefore, Vootfly makes it super-convenient for you to plan a vacation in a jiffy without breaking your bank account, whenever you want by offering cheap flight tickets under $99. Whether you love soaking up sun on a beach vacation, fill in your senses with cool and fresh mountain air, feel adrenaline rush on an adventurous and thrilling getaway, or just about anything;you can book airline tickets under $99 for all global destinations.

Our sole intention behind bringing you such affordable travel deals is that we want you to travel and explore new places and build a sweet home of lovely memories with your near and dear ones. Gift your parents a wonderful trip to the destination that they always wished for;let them make the most of their time without any worries of responsibilities of home or work.

Travelling doesn’t always imply you have to reach the farthest global corners; it just means you need to get away from your everyday grind at work and homeand have some days to yourself that’ll help you unwind and return feeling rejuvenated than ever. It’s as simple as visiting any place within your city or domestic country such as planning a visit to Salem or Portland in Oregon. With flight deals under $99, we don’t think that there is any reason left to not bookyour tickets for your upcoming vacation.

If you’re on a rope-tight budget and still want to travel, Vootfly suggests you focus on domestic travelling primarily instead of considering an international vacation. Want to know why we say so? Here are the reasons:

  • First things first, domestic travel is cheaper than an international tour. So, you can explore new placesin a small budget of $99 or even less.
  • When you travel domestically, you get a brilliant cultural insight into your home country. It helps you know about different places within your country or city and aids brilliantlywhen you take your friends and family around on a local travel.
  • You get an opportunity to taste mouth-watering delicacies of different regions. You uncover the special cuisines and flavors of varied local areas that you never even knew existed.
  • It’s a great way to share your stories and make locals of that particular region familiar with your city. Even local people also have a great interest in knowing about your dressing style, your food preferences, and much more. Socializing across boundaries, you see!

Now that you know the benefits of domestic travelling, avail the cheap flight deals under $99 to explore the beauty of your nearby places. You just have to book your cheap flight tickets with Vootfly and travel without a hassle of going overboard as far as the budget is concerned, we’re as concerned about your stricter travel budget as you!

What are the best places to visit in the United States of America? This is one of the frequently asked questions by potential travelers. Vootfly has compiled a list of some best placesto visit in the US that should be on every traveler’s bucket list so they don’t have to invest their time every time they want to book airline tickets for their holiday. Also, you getting best flight deals under $99 for these domestic destinations has been never been easier.


The capital city of Idaho, Boise lets you explore Boise River Greenbelt that is a sequence of tree-lined trails and parks surrounding the edge of the river. Those who have a great interest in art can visit Downtown’s Boise Art Museum, which has a huge collection of modern artworks. Boise deserves to be on your travel bucket list. Book flight tickets under $99 to Boise and let us serve you.


A quintessential combination of top-notch innovation and colonial history, Boston is an excellent destination for your upcoming vacation. Discover various neighborhoods and gorgeous landmarks such as Freedom Trail and Black Heritage Trail. Don’t miss a chance to explore this treasure trove of Massachusetts and book flights under $99 now!


Plan your summer vacation to Chicago and make the most of your holiday season. With lovely parks and a stunning waterfront, this destination has earned top ratings from visitors all over the world. From luxury shopping centers to interesting galleries and wonderful architecture, Chicago is an ideal year-round destination that you must visit once in your lifetime.


Travelers love this motor city “Detroit” for many reasons. It has got its nickname “Motor City” due to its ties to the automotive industry. This is the largest city in Michigan and is a ground of ginger ale and the floating post office of the country. Want to discover more fun facts about Detroit? Book airline tickets under $99 to this destination and explore!

Las Vegas

This sparkling city of lights holds an exceptional appeal and is a destination that has been attracting crowds for decades. A number of resort complexes, with so many fantastic things to see and do all around the year. You’ll be amazed by the extensive entertainment options. It makes a perfect honeymoon as well as a family vacation destination.

Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles has always been linked with glamour with the Bel Air pop culture. It’s the best destination for a vacation with friends, family, and your special one as there are lovely beaches around LA, a fun Disneyland for kids, and suburbs of Hollywood. Vootfly offers cheap flights deals under $99 to LA.


Experience the freedom of travelling in Tucson. Whether it’s tasting delicious Mexican food or discovering the art and culture of amazing Arizona, this city will never disappoint you. It’s worth your visit so, get the best flight deals under $99 to Tucson at Vootfly.

Live your dream of travelling to a place never-been-before but you always wanted to by simply contacting us to book airline tickets under $99. We take pride in offering you such budget-friendly and cheap flights deals under $99, which let you fashion your own travel stories to share with your friends, family, and everyone aroundending up leaving them stunned. We wish you fun and happy travelling!

A deal that refers to a particular amount like 99 Dollar or 49 Dollar is the most popular deals in American. Now VootFly also introduces the Flight Deals under 99 Dollar which are appropriate for your both one way and round way trips. Before booking flight tickets you know about the cheap flight's deals. When you are on the portal of VootFly then it will become easy for you fetch the $49 Flights Deals.

As an Independent Flights Booking Search Engine, we offer thrifty flight deals to the passengers. Once you browse for the cheap airfare deals on our portal you can found the countless options on the alluring destinations for this goal. Our main aim is providing the most affordable air ticket offers in USA and Worldwide to the passengers and that’s why they love our services.

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Yes, Browse for Your Departure and Boarding Destination on the VootFly Form Page. When you browse your query then the affordable air tickets deals come to show on the page. Some deals have come in the specific dollar category like 49 dollars or 99 dollars. Hence, you can book your flight tickets in this category.

Saving money on air tickets booking is the primary desire of travelers. Therefore, with these deals, you can save your booking amount on each booking. From Orlando to Florida the cheap plane tickets deals are available for every journey for your air tickets booking option. Be ready to adopt the smart travel packages with VootFly #99 Air Tickets Deals. These deals are based on both one way and round trip flight booking.

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