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Things to do in Berlin

The city of Berlin is 775 years old and has much to offer rather than just a vacation. The town invites thousands of tourists from all over the world to come and explore the vibrant culture in the history of human civilization. The city has many destinations for you, making your Berlin trip worthwhile. However, before visiting, make a travel plan for Berlin which will make things on your part way more manageable. Below are few things mentioned that you must do when you are in Berlin.

Fun Things to do

Visit Markthalle Neun

The delightful 1891 market was saved by the locals in 2009, filling it with stalls serving vegetables and meats. During the late 19th century, 14 covered markets were introduced to replace the traditional outdoor ones and raise the hygiene standards. Here you can find local and regional producers presenting their wares.

On Street-Food Thursday, the market is filled with aspiring or semi-pro chefs who set up their stalls and serve delicious snacks from around the world. The market is also home to the excellent Heidenpeters microbrewery and the Sironi bakery from Milan. The market gets very crowded on Street-Food Thursday's popular-themed event. Exploring this market on your Berlin trip will be worth the trip.

Shop at Kurfurstendamm

Your trip to Berlin will be incomplete without visiting Kurfurstendamm. It is the city's longest and busiest shopping strip, lined with high-street chains and designer boutiques. Also, see the KaDeWe, continental Europe's biggest department store with a mind-boggling food hall. Among all this, the ruined Gedächtniskirche stands calmly as a reminder of the absurdity of the war.

The avenue is lined with shops, houses, hotels, and restaurants. Many fashion designers have shops and several car manufacturers' showrooms here. The place also offers an exciting array of shops, restaurants, and nightclubs. Now the avenue has become the hub for intellectuals and artists, accompanied by construction of the first theatres, cafés, cabarets, and nightclubs.

Take a visit to the Brandenburg Gate

Prussian emperors Napoleon and Hitler marched through this neoclassical royal city gate that was once trapped east of the Berlin Wall. Since 1989, the Gate symbolizes united Germany rather than division and oppression. The elegant and well-proportioned landmark is at its most atmospheric and photogenic state at night when light bathes its stately columns and the sculpture of Goddess of Victory in a golden glow.

The gate is the most picturesque at sunset or night. Try to visit at the end of December to enjoy the fantastic atmosphere at the renowned New Year's Eve party, welcome New Year Berlin-style with live music on the party mile, and a stunning fireworks display. No entry fee is charged, and it is free for visitors. In addition, various sights are present around the Gate, like the Reichstag, the Victory Column, Tiergarten Park, and many more.

Go and appreciate the art on Museum Island

Museum Island is located in the middle of the Spree River. Museum Island is a complex awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO. It is best to purchase a 3-day museum pass and spend a whole day taking your time to appreciate the place's beauty thoroughly. Hence this is the best way to get your Museum Island tickets. If possible, try to get hold of the Berlin Welcome Pass with Museum Island, which will offer you three days of free public transportation, free entry to the Museum Island museums once a day which might exclude special exhibitions, plus some bonus discounts.

Some of the museums you must visit are: Pergamon museum, Bode museum, Neues museum, Altes museum and Alte Nationalgalerie. Do not forget to carry a bottle with you since the museums are so vast; you will be thirsty. An audio guide is also provided with your ticket for each museum, so don't forget to take it as it might help you.

Do not miss the sunset from the top of the Berlin tower

By visiting the Berlin TV Tower, also known as Fernsehturm Berlin, you will get the best 360-degree view of Berlin. The tower can hardly go unnoticed as it is the largest building in the city. For a more scenic experience, you can climb up this concrete jungle during sunset. Like most TV towers worldwide, you can also have cocktails and dinner at the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant, which is a revolving one, and you can book a table here if you want to enjoy this experience.

The tickets to the restaurant include skip-the-line access to the Observation Deck. You can also get a combined ticket for the skip-the-line entrance and VIP dinner, including a 3-course meal and unlimited mineral water. In addition, you can consider getting a VIP fast access ticket if the tower gets too crowded.

Visit Reichstag

Reichstag is a historical site to visit in Berlin, which is a place where the Parliament sits. The building has a glass dome, representing the political transparency of the city. The entrances to the building are accessible but try to book in advance. You can book a travel guide who will explain everything you need to know without having to be in a big group of people if you prefer to take a private tour of the Reichstag and the Glass Dome.

You can get inside the dome and have breakfast there. If you do not want to tour the Parliament, you can visit the crown just like the other visitors and enjoy some coffee in the only Parliament building in the world with a restaurant open to the public. You will also be given free audio guides.

Jump from the Park Inn Hotel

This is one of the craziest things to do in Berlin is head straight to the Park Inn Hotel Berlin, that is situated right beside Alexander Platz, which is one of the city's centers. Go upstairs in an elevator, and then jump from the hotel's roof, which is 125 meters in height. It is a bit different from bungee jumping and is known as base flying. You can also get an official video of your flight.

You can also take your GoPro and have somebody record you from the top. The price for jumping costs around 79.90€ on the website, but most of the time, the tickets are sold at 10€ cheaper right at the door. If there are any free spots left, there will be a promoter close to the Holiday Inn entrance who will give out flyers with discounted prices.

Visit the Botanical Garden

The place is the best if you love nature and its creation. The insanely huge Botanical Garden must be on your top list of things to do in Berlin. The Garden has over 22,000 species of plants like giant bamboo, white water lilies, orchids, and cacti.

It does not matter whether you like flowers or not, walking around these endless fields will surely delight you with the wide variety of refreshing flora, fauna and air.

Get inside the WWII Bunker

The museum reflects the unique history of the city. You will like the rooms of West Berliners and East Berliners. You can also walk around the rooms, touch the objects, see what their TV shows were like, and many more. Besides learning about the 800-year-old history of the city interactively, you will also get to see a real Berlin bunker.

You will find the bunker interesting enough because it provides some of the histories of WWII in a straightforward and very interactive way. There are many things to see as well. On your trip to Berlin, do not miss this place.

Hence these were some things to do in Berlin . You will have a wonderful time over there. Try to book your airline tickets 30–90days in advance to get fair discounts and deals. Also, being flexible with your dates can save you a lot as you can grab last-minute deals if you are lucky enough. So plan everything before your flight ticket booking .


What are some of the major airlines flying to Berlin?

Many airlines fly to Berlin. Some of the most popular airlines serving people all over the world to Berlin are:

  • United Airlines
  • Scandinavian Airlines
  • Vueling Airlines
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Brussels Airlines
  • TAP Air Portugal
  • Austrian Airlines

What are some of the most popular tourist attraction spots in Berlin?

Berlin has numerous destinations which attract thousands of tourists annually from all corners of the world. Some significant goals worth visiting are the Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island, Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie Museum, and Berlin's TV Tower.

What is the best time to make your trip to Berlin?

The best time to visit Berlin is between the months from May to September. During these months, the weather is ideal for sitting in cafes and city strolling. The temperature is moderate, and there isn't much crowd; hence you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

What is the best time to grab flight tickets to Berlin?

The months to get the cheapest flights to Berlin are September and October when the airlines offer the lowest prices. Hence try to book your flights during these months.

What are the names of some airports in Berlin?

The names of few popular airports in Berlin are:

  • Berlin-Tegel Airport
  • Berlin-Brandenburg Airport
  • Berlin Schönefeld Airport

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