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Things to do in Moscow

Moscow is one of the most enigmatic destinations in Europe which has a fascinating history and some of the best architectures in the world. The city is one of the most populous cities in the world, with a population of over 11 million. There are plenty of things to do in the city, from walking the cobblestone streets of Red Square or the banks of the Moskva River early in the morning and many more. Don't worry about the travel cost, as you can quickly grab cheap flights to Moscow by applying some hacks. Below are some things you must do on your travel for Moscow.

Fun & Unusual activities in Moscow

Visit Novodevichy Convent

The Novodevichy Convent is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the most popular cloister in all of Moscow. In a city where many ancient religious buildings were torn down after the revolution, the Novodevichy Convent is still one of the surviving churches that have remained practically untouched for hundreds of years.

On the convent's grounds, you can find the Novodevichy cemetery and necropolis, which used to be the burial place for Russia's elite since the 16th century. You can also see the final resting places of the key figures in Russian history, from political leaders like Khrushchev and Yeltsin to artistic heroes like Chekhov and Gogol. Hence you will enjoy visiting and learning the history of this place.

Visit the Gorky Park

Follow the River Bank, and you will come across the leading leisure and cultural spot of present Moscow, the Gorky Park opened in 1928. In 2011, the Park underwent significant restructuring and had a fresh, vibrant atmosphere. The Park'sPark's recently upgraded design makes it one of the most exciting places to spend your leisure time far away from the crowd of the city. Nearly 20,000 visitors visit the 109-hectare ParkPark each day.

You will find bike rental stations, a comfortable business area with Wi-Fi, an outdoor movie theatre, a greenhouse where you can buy fresh greens such as basil and lettuce, numerous open-air cafes, and yoga classes.

Film festivals in the summer cinema and classical music concerts are also held. You can go to the observatory, look through the telescope, and observe the dark sky while listening to fascinating stories from astronomers. You can also enjoy many sports in the ParkPark like volleyball, handball, and football. You can also get a peaceful jog around the beautiful surroundings. Therefore you will surely enjoy visiting this place.

Visit the Moscow Zoo and Planetarium

Throughout its 140 years of history, during the period of peace, war, and revolution, the Zoo was open and is one of the oldest zoos in Europe. The Zoo looks like a fairytale castle with towers and a waterfall. You will come across the big cats, a neat underground viewing space below the penguin pool, a dolphinarium, along with the sea lion enclosure that lets you watch them swim from below. A pedestrian bridge will take you across the street to the New Territory.

The most exciting and fun parts of the Zoo are probably the primate house and fun children's Zoo. The Moscow Planetarium is located near the second entrance to the Zoo at the Garden ring, which is a multifunctional complex that combines scientific and educational resources. The museum also has a family recreation center focused on different age groups. Hence it would be best if you visited the Moscow Planetarium, one of the world's biggest planetariums.

Visit the Bolshoi theatre

You will find the Theater Square on Tverskaya Street. It is a green square with two beautiful fountains and derives its name from the three theaters: the world-famous Bolshoi Theatre, Maly Theatre, and Russian Academic Youth Theatre (RAMT). The Bolshoi Theatre was awarded as a symbol of Russia for all time due to its significant contribution to the history of the Russian performing arts. This history is still ongoing, and today Bolshoi Theatre artists continue contributing to its many bright pages.

Try to visit the theatre to watch and enjoy the magnificent Russian operas and ballets. Despite the high ticket price, the performance will never disappoint you as it is a natural pearl of the world's theatrical life. The TsUM, a luxurious shopping mall with recognizable designer labels and expensive goods, is also located at Theatre Square. Do some shopping over here. Denis Simachev Bar, a two-story house in Stoleshnikov Lane, is one of the best places to visit in this area. You will enjoy the diverse music and menu.

Spend some time at Patriarshiye Prudy

Patriarshiye Prudy is one of the capital's most charming and mysterious places. The less-appealing name has known as the area of Goat Marsh because of a nearby goat farm. Patriarshiye is a quiet district traditionally home to many poets and artists. The famous Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov chose the ponds as a place of ideas for his magical and romantic novel, Master and Margarita.

You will be delighted to know the background stories of this place. A sculpture depicting his literary characters is located in the Square at the pond's bank. Please visit this place as it is an excellent place to have a walk. Also, visit one of the numerous bars and restaurants present here.

Visit Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve

Kolomenskoye, a famous unique historic place, is situated in picturesque surroundings over the Moscow River banks. The lands here are full of legends and ancient and uniquely formed sites. Today this museum serves as an exceptional complex of cultural monuments of great historical value. Church of the Ascension of the Lord is one of the chief attractions of the ParkPark.

There are many other attractions in the Park, like the pretty Church of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan with bright azure domes and plenty of gold. Further, into the Park, you can see a charming Church of the Beheading of St John the Baptist, built by Ivan the Terrible to mark his coronation. If you visit this place, you can enjoy nature and picturesque views over the Moskva River and learn about Russian medieval architecture. Many cultural events will also take place during your visit.

Take a stroll around the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

The Ostozhenka has become one of the most expensive streets in the world, with lots of new houses, but it has still preserved unique examples of the 18 and 19 centuries architecture, which you may come across numerous bystreets. One of Moscow's most exciting art spots is Ostozhenka, the Multimedia Art Museum.

On Ostozhenka Street to the city center, you will see the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, one of the world's largest Orthodox churches. One of the features of the Cathedral is the panoramic view from the 40-meter-high observation platform. If you want to rest, the Strelka Bar is a good place near the Cathedral as it is a comfortable urban space for informal and cocktails.

Take a ride in Moscow Metro

The Moscow metro is one of the USSR's most extravagant architectural projects and has an unforgettable charm. Even most of the central underground stations look like a museum. Each station has its mood, different decorations, and a fascinating story behind its construction.

If you make a trip to Moscow, do not forget to take a journey in the Moscow underground to get an unforgettable impression of the city and create beautiful memories. Therefore these are some things you must do on your Moscow trip. If you want to grab Moscow travel deals, try booking your flights at least 60-90 days in advance. By staying regular on airlines' official pages, you can also grab last-minute deals and offers. Make your travel dates and destination flexible to save every amount as possible. Hence hurry to pack your bags for your trip to Moscow.


Which place in Moscow is most visited by tourists?

Moscow's Red Square is the most visited destination by tourists from all around the world. In 1990, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage site and was one of the most famous and most prominent places to visit in Moscow. In addition, red Square is renowned as the site of official military parades, speeches, and demonstrations intended to display the strength of the Soviet armed forces.

What is the time of year when flights to Moscow are the cheapest?

November is the cheapest month to fly to Moscow as the prices are relatively low. So try booking in the month of November. If somehow you cannot book your flights in November, you can take the month of May as a second option as flying in May is also cheap.

What is the closest airport to Moscow?

Moscow Sheremetyevo is the closest airport to Moscow, which is at a distance of 27.6 km away. The cheapest airport one can choose to fly to Moscow is Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

Which is the most suitable time to make a trip to Moscow?

April to May is considered the best time to make a trip to Moscow. However, the autumn months of September and October are also a good time to visit the city as you will be comfortable enough to explore the city during the daytime.

How many airlines offer direct flights to Moscow?

There is only one airline, Aeroflot, which offers direct flights to Moscow .

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